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Workplace Whisperer Unmasks Conflict, Creates Solutions

Jill Fishman brings her unique background in corporate America and counseling together to help companies create healthier, connected workplaces

Corporate communication expert Jill Fishman spent years working in corporate America where she saw firsthand what works and what really doesn’t when it comes to workplace harmony and employee satisfaction. After earning her degree and licensure in counseling, she was inspired to pool her experiences and knowledge from these two worlds together to create a unique and much-needed service for companies large and small: workplace people solutions.

Become a “Best Place to Work” By Mastering the 4 Cs

In supporting companies to resolve conflict, improve employee morale, and become desirable places to work, Jill calls attention to the four Cs:

- Change
- Choice
- Consequences
- Connection

She says what many people don’t realize, though, is that all four of these key components come down to our relationships — inside AND outside of work — and how we navigate them.

“Relationship issues aren’t just something that exists outside of the office,” Jill explains. “In fact, the conflicts you experience outside of work are likely happening inside the workplace, too, just with different people in different circumstances. The way you communicate and connect with others in the workplace is likely happening at home, and vice versa. Thinking about this connection can often help us see blind spots that may be keeping us from achieving the results we want.”

Breaking the Cycle of Employee Disconnection

According to Jill, too many business owners avoid the glaring issue that employees are miserable because it is a complicated problem they are not competent or trained in resolving. So, it should not be surprising that 50% of employees are looking for jobs while on the job on a daily basis.

“I'm doing this because I want to bring attention to an issue that too often gets swept under the rug,” says Jill. “Why are people so miserable in the workplace? Let's talk about it. Let's figure this out. Let's stop going to work and looking for another job every day and trying to find a way out when there are ways to be happy and successful right where you are.”

- Do you want to train your people to be more effective at communication?
- Do you want support for human capital issues that aren’t covered in business school and trainings?
- Do you wish to hire top talent and train them with effective communication skills?
- Do you want to motivate your people to stay loyal and focused on your company vision, mission, and goals?

Jill Fishman’s corporate consulting programs help companies create a culture of success.

For more information, visit www.HowPeopleConnect.com.

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